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    Educating the future leaders of South Africa

  • About the IDH Foundation


    The IDH Foundation was founded in 2017 by Ian Douglas Hamilton. The Foundation is committed to an initiative for the benefit of all those living in South Africa. The initiative enables and allows donors and partners in the IDH Foundation the opportunity to contribute to the initiative.

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    Ian Douglas Hamilton

    Ian Hamilton completed his schooling at King Edward VII in 1970.

    Subsequently he obtained the B Comm. Llb. and MBA degrees and is Advocate of the High Court of South Africa.


    In March 2002 Ian founded Investment Data Services Group, (now Sanne Group South Africa), providing administration for hedge funds, private equity funds and administering conventional unit trusts operating in Southern Africa and Malta.


    Ian has been associated with the investment industry for over thirty years as an analyst, portfolio manager and director of well-known South African investment houses.


    Since selling IDS Group Ian has concentrated on the Scotstone Group that is an international investment house and as a director of several investment funds in South Africa and internationally.


    He recently joined Simera Sens as a non-executive director. Simera Sens is in the international space industry.

  • Trustees


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    Jacques Floris Louw

    Jacques is one of the top media lawyers in the country. Additionally, he is an expert on all commercial matters, laws relating to financial services, hedge funds and medical schemes, amongst other things.


    Jacques is one of four founders of a company that produces software for medical schemes and still serves on its board of directors. Jacques has over the years served on various boards as director, audit committees and boards of trustees, currently, amongst others, a short-term insurance underwriter, a space exploration company and as the chairman of the board of South Africa’s largest hedge fund management company.


    When not in the office, you’re likely to find Jacques on a squash court or in his workshop at home.


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    Jill Janet Fisher

    Jill has a bachelor of accounting science attained from Unisa and bachelor of commerce honours accounting from the University of Natal.


    With 20 years’ experience as an accountant which includes auditing, management reporting, fund accounting, the management of a corporate finance division, payroll and HR as well as managing a team in preparing IFRS financial statements.


    Over the years she has attained a skill set which includes excellent attention to detail, technical ability, problem solving, people management and coaching. She is passionate about learning new things and always eager to take on new challenges and always willing to use these skills to help develop young people in their careers. Currently Finance Associate Director of the Sanne Group SA.


    She enjoys baking, sewing and being creative in all aspects of life.

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    Xolisa Dhlamini, CDFA

    Xolisa is Head of sustainability operations and impact at Sanlam Ltd. He also serves on the investment committee of the Sanlam Umbrella Fund (SUF). He is currently the non-executive chairperson of Just Share; an organisation advancing investor activism and stewardship around (ESG) issues in South Africa.


    He has previously served as trustee and investment committee chairperson of the UCT Retirement Fund where he led the sustainable investment efforts of the Fund. He has also served as Head of Africa for the UN- Supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


    Xolisa is a certified ESG Analyst (CESGA), Chartered Development Finance Analyst (CDFA) and a Licentiate retirement fund trustee (LT).


  • Objectives

    The IDH Foundation objective is to assist families and individuals from a previously disadvantaged background secure financial support for education.


    The Foundation does not select individuals or receive applications from applicants. Instead the Foundation relies upon the donors to the Foundation to select candidates they know and would like to assist.


    The Foundation was established at the beginning of 2017 and has provided assistance to over two hundred beneficiaries since inception.


    Donations are channelled through the IDH Foundation. This means that for South African donors the donation is tax deductible and the IDH Foundation will provide the tax certification.


    There are no administration fees. All the IDH Foundation costs are carried by the Foundation’s Founder. This means that 100% of donations go to the beneficiary.


    Please contact the IDH Foundation using the contact form for further information.






  • Sponsors

    Channeled donations from companies that would like to sponsor a Beneficiary and get a tax and BEE credit are welcome.


    Criteria requirements for sponsorship:-

    • The chosen degree nominated by the Beneficiary must be relevant with viable employment opportunities once the degree has been complete.
    • It is recommended that the Sponsor is prepared to offer vacation/internship work and a permanent job/position within the company once the degree has been completed.

    For enquiries relating to sponsorship please contact the Foundation via the Contact Form on this website.


    Please note that unsolicited emails from those seeking sponsorship will not be acknowledged or answered.

  • The KES Scholarship

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    The KES Scholarship is to provide as financial assistance to a Matric Scholar from a previously disadvantaged background.


    2021 was the first year the scholarship was awarded. The beneficiary is chosen by the school.


    To date there have been three beneficiaries.

  • Contact The Foundation

    Please email the Foundation regarding sponsorship.


    Note that the beneficiary selection is the choice and responsibility of the sponsors, unsolicited emails from those seeking sponsorship will not be acknowledged or answered.